Why not Monday?

Personally, I don’t care for the cultural mythos born of Garfield and whatever else that we all must “Hate Mondays”.  Mondays are as good as any other day.  I also don’t buy into the hype of Working for the Weekend.  Nor do I particularly feel like “Humpday” is a thing (at least in contexts of Wednesdays).  I’m painfully evolved in these regards.  

But in as much seriousness as we can muster, let’s ease into this week.  Let’s take time to make that french press.  Or return that call.  Or ignore that text even longer because you don’t really like that person anyway.  To get us to ease, I’m going to share with you the five songs I find myself playing on repeat as of late.  I’m going to share them early 2000’s blog post style and just link a bunch of youtube videos because I like that vibe.  And I’m not entirely certain how to make playlists.

We’re going to swerve around our normal feelsy, talk session.  I skipped another Sunday.  We get back on the horse, you know.  Unless of course it’s the battle of Helm’s Deep and your horse has been clobbered down by an Orc and you’re trying to stay strong but they’ve come so well prepared and where is Gandalf?!

Ease.  Right.

  • Work Song, Hozier.  When I saw on repeat, I mean on repeat.  This song, this vibe, this video, is that long day hard work slightly sweaty sexy I am prone to look for in others. Now you know that.  I think Hozier’s lyrics are delicious, and the entire album is divine, but this song has risen above the others for me.  That heavy clap step of the beat.  The beautiful, aching dance.  The imagery.  It works.  Ha, because it’s a work song.  Amazing.
  •  In so much as I heavily rotate more folk/acoustic vibes like Hozier, I’m equal parts indulgent of electro-pop.  Chvrches, if you’re not privy to their rise, is a Glaswegian band of some fame.  Between Mayberry’s voice and the boys’ synth overlays, their albums make for excellent walking quickly through New York music.  There’s also something nonspecific but angry in her lyrics and voice that I dig.  They did a great episode of SongExploder, if you need a new podcast listen.  (This is a video I’ve never seen.  Lemme know how it goes).


  • Because deep down I’m just a teenage dirtbag.  I can’t explain this one to you.  There is no shame in my pop game.  Indulge a little today, babes.  (Just watched this video. EXTRA).
  • Skip to 2.02 for the song.  I have it set to do that for you, I believe.  The lyrics make it obvious.  With the vaguely ambient sounds and the easy creep of the refrain.  In a good, clean, needy sexy way.  An easy commute listen, or late night by yourself feel.
  • Lately, it’s been a lot of female vocalists and vague trashy pop.  But we go in for the Talking Heads, don’t we.  This song carries so much of my trip.  It was an anthem of sorts for the first half of BKLYN.  Now I play it sparingly.  Walking down the streets of Woodstock bellowing this with Britney in broad daylight, the residents smiling and occasionally taking up the melody, is one of my favorite memories.  You’re welcome. C’mon, you needed this song today.

Have a really fantastic Monday.  It’s just another day.  As good as any other, babes.  Maybe we’ll do Music Monday again.  Stay tuned.  I have hobbits, public shaming, and some more Bee stories for you.

I love you.  I miss you.  I hope to see you soon.


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