For the Garfields, again.

The election is tomorrow.  How about some music to soothe your soul while we wait. 

  • Our Lady Bee Bowers said it best,  “She seems like she’d be really good in bed.”  Just some nasty pop for your nerves.
  • Y’all.  Weird Al announces them to close out the credits on Live on the List.  It’s Third Eye Blind, singing about ya girl being 10 days late.  The 90’s.  It tastes good.  I find this song so catchy, and then I realize what I’m singing about and I feel very uncomfortable with myself.  Ah well.  Unapologetically into Third Eye Blind.
  • You’re owed a bizarre, delightful 80’s video a week.  Here’s a treat.  Oh Boy.
  • You need this.  You need Sky.  In the same way I think, “why Mississippi, Boy George?  Why 1870? Why on the riverfront?”, I wonder what the hell Sky’s going for here.  But either way, I dig.  She is giving Joan Jett and LA dirty pop.  I could watch her work that leather jacket ad infinitum.
  • OKAY.  Setting aside that R Kelly is HUGELY problematic and a straight up skeez, this is ART Gaga gave us three years ago.  I’m grateful everyday.  R Kelly is every man too stupid to realize he’s a prop in a woman’s ambitious plot to take over the pop world with tastefully sneaky Americana themed emotional shade about being a woman and living in a woman’s body.  And y’all, when she gets on that damn piano.  If you want my critical reading of the last minute and a half of this performance, come for me.

And if you do, come for me, know that I love you, I miss you, I hope to see you soon.



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