“Shopping malls outnumber high schools.”

In a world where that statement is true (the one above, in the title), I got you some music for the beginning of this week.  When I sat down after making oatmeal today, both my hips popped.  Body talk.  Body say, “do some damn yoga.”  Maybe do something for your sweet bod today.  Take it for a walk, or slather it with some good smelling stuff.  Text me and let’s make a cute little pact to care for ourselves this winter.  And dance it out, when you can.  Even Shonda Rhimes recommends it.

  • Starting off strong here, straight out the gate, with some Calvin Harris.  Racial politics aside regarding his early career name change, you’re a fool if you can’t get down to the most basic brand of Rihanna.  “I say, your place when we leave”–Rihanna’s so on brand, giving the world of face.  And I’ll straight up be your bride if you can acquire her shimmery potato sack for me to wear.  Pinky swear.
  • I’d like no contest as to the vocals of Jessie J.  Who else is singing like this right now? Iconic.  This was when she shaved her head and looked all the world like the ethereal, Londonite urbana queen of the Unseelie.  So there’s that.
  • Take a breath, and enjoy this cover by Florence.  Starts at .38.  You’ll find yourself revisiting it.  Promise.
  • Over a year old, but perfect.  Perfect.  There’s nothing else to say.
  • Finally, serving nearly decade old MIA directly to you.  This song.  I listened to a lot of MIA in high school, and my mom always made me turn it off in the car because “I can’t tell if she’s cursing or not.”  My mom actually just doesn’t care for her sound, I later discovered.  Totally fair.  But you’ll like it.  It’s a nice note to end on.  Enjoy your week.  Suck the marrow out of life and then wonder why you went full paleo health ho and consumed marrow.  Just think about that.

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