A messy collection of songs.


Hey, y’all.  I got some sweet wifi at Sidewinder.  I don’t want to get into feelings right now, so let’s do a make-up music list.  Tasty pop and then some.


  • I genuinely do not care how you feel about Justin Bieber, or Major Lazer.  This dance video is stunning.  This song is easy.  I also dig the latest thing Bieber’s on where he just releases dance videos.  No need for his face, you can watch some sick ladies get down.  What a time to be alive.
  • A little more uptempo, still v pop for you.  Stop Desire is a fantastic video.  It’s so clean, simple, and straight up provocative.  This song will keep you dancing, and definitely in your undies.  Just be wary of your phone, you might feel the urge to text a certain someone.  After all, you can’t stop desire.
  • I feel almost criminal putting Chance up here because he’s head and shoulders above and doing something totally different than the rest here.  But, jesus.  This live version.  His voice, energy, face, joy.  Just lean back and listen.  When he prays.  Y’all.  You’re blessed.  We are blessed.
  • Taking it down a little more, some more Jessie J for you.  Thanks, Ash, for sharing this song with me.  “You look cute when you make my bed”–girl, stop.  But never stop.
  • And then we move back up and out, with some good good gay gay Scissor Sisters.  I gave you two queer artists today, be happy.  I mean, be happy anyway.  This song is that dream space in the club where you know you’re alive and you know this is temporary and you know you want to love someone and it’s almost last call and you’ve got just your body and the beat.  You know, that moment.  This video is an icky, goopy, sexy HD visual feast as well.

Alright.  That’s my weird hit and run for you.  This set of videos is messy and all over the place, much like life right now.  I hope it finds you well.  I hope you like some it.  If you don’t, there’s millions of other things to listen to and enjoy.  Take charge of your life and do so.

I love you.  I miss you.  I hope to see you soon.



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