What’d I Tell Ya: a Music Monday.

Told ya I’d be making more content.  I do these for Ashley, and everyone else.  They’re nice fluff.  Let’s dive in.

  • Y’all.  Maggie Rogers.  Maggie friggin’ Rogers. One, I’m obsessed with her music right now.  It’s beautiful, beautiful pop.  Two, I’m obsessed with her videos and how clearly she enjoys herself and her friends and this life.  It’s actually just kind of moving in its own way.  Three, that Evel Knievel outfit in the beginning?  Tell me, mama.  If you’re not listening to Maggie Rogers, I pity you.  She is money.
  • Taking it back now, sharing some classic live Kimbra covering Nina Simone.  So there’s Kimbra’s voice and vibe and like vaguely alt Miranda July singer status.  Let’s also take a minute for the fact that the mid-2000’s/2010’s produced a cultural moment of Katy Perry/Zooey Deschanel/Miranda July/Kimbra looking ladies of varying talent and ability.  Weird.  Anyway, this vid is dope.  Her vocals.  Damn, girl.  Also, she loses it at the end and it’s magic.
  • Another sweet and nasty cover.  It’s our Lady B. Spears, in pleasant sexy lullaby form. Y’know.  That form.
  • Lest we ever forget what I truly am (trash), here’s Demi Lovato doing the most and I deeply enjoy it.  There is no video for this, not even a lyric vid.  Don’t care.  It’s worth it.
  • Winding down with Leon Bridges.  Need I say more?  Take good care, you sweet clementine.



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