Listing Loon Set: Numero Cuatro.

This lil guy (that’s a lie, it’s a v long poem) was written probably two and a half years ago. It has the strongest vibe from when I was doing slam. Or at least feeling that flow. It’s alright. Not a favorite, but it felt good to put on its feet.

To All the Women who Took My Books of Poetry and Didn’t Give Them Back

This poem is to all the women who have ever taken my books of poetry and not given them back.

Every time you all ever ask me, “what are you reading”

I tell you and then you tell me

give me something

and I do

I give favorite

I give Adrienne Rich

I give Andrea Gibson

I give Lauren Zuniga

I give Jeanann Verlee

because we need healing

I give these women they are balm

and what we need we need each other

So to all the women I ever gave books of poetry to

it;s totally okay

it’s really crazy okay guys used to always tell me

I want your mind I want your mind I want your mind

you know

it was so disconnected

like some guys would sleep with me and find I was smart and run away

and some guys would find out I was smart and they wouldn’t want to sleep with me

and that’s really weird you know you can’t compartmentalize someone like that you can’t disassociate them like don’t worry

I’ve already been pieces  I don’t need you to cut me up

I’m good man I’m good I’m trying to stay here

so to all the women

sorry for talking about boys

and the books

just keep them and know that like you are so beautiful and never merited the violence enacted upon you

just you are, you are so beautiful so luxurious so something gorgeous burning so bright behind the oil lamp in your chest never run out of fuel

so when I gave poetry

it’s a want to give you the things that healed me

it is good medicine

but like yeah there’s a sexual component to it i guess you are all hot as shit

but mostly good medicine

mostly good medicine

and don’t feel bad about keeping those books because you need them way more than I do and like my amazon prime account keeps sending me stuff so i’ll always be here loaded for bear if you need

like i’ll be okay

and i want you to be too


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