Guest Post: I Used to Have Eyebrows.

Last week I asked my mom if she would write the post for today.  She could write it about anything.  She did.  I’m so happy she agreed to write, and I’m so proud to be her daughter.  My mother and I are very different women.  There’s absolutely no way my life would be a fourth of what it is without her having gifted me with 25 years of life, guidance, and (sometimes tough) love.  She’s one of my best friends, weirdly.  And I’m sure she appreciate if I cut down on the things I share with her.  But I wouldn’t trade any aspect of our relationship.  We’re so lucky to be so close.  I’m so lucky to have a mother who always has a cardigan and scarf on her, who is happy to walk anywhere, who drinks beer and wears sleeveless dress at her age.  She’s the best mom I ever had.
So here’s her.  I didn’t make any edits.

Thank you, momma.  We are greatly blessed.  With all of it, or as much as possible.

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