Womanhood is not a famine.

Hello, sweetness.  Tonight I’m sharing with you a piece I wrote for a zine my dear friend and incredibly talented artist Ariana put together.

The zine is called b o d y p o l i t i c and if you find yourself in the Cincinnati area on May 20th, we’ll be reading from it (as well as visual copies on hand because she’s made gorgeous prints to accompany the text from several local womyn writers) that evening at Chase Public.  The theme of the zine is (broadly) the empowerment and struggles surrounding female-identified bodies moving through space, and time, and this world we inhabit.

This is my piece.  I’ve wanted to marry my poetry, prose, and critical writing for a while.  This is my first attempt (to share).  It isn’t exactly what I wanted, but I’m okay with it enough to share with you.  I’ve uploaded it in the original format because the visual of it is part of the piece.  I got away from the look of type on page for a while, and it’s a choice-making-process I’m glad to revisit.

Okay, please enjoy.  Or don’t.  I’m just excited to share.

Tomorrow I’ll be going to the Opening Day parade with a Cincinnati native.  It’ll be an unique experience.  He’s got a whole thing planned.

Wish me luck.

And here’s to you, my sweet.  May you have all of it, or as much as possible.

vera_zine piecevera_zine piece2vera_zine piece3vera_zine piece4


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