Took an L.

But tonight I bounce back.*

*(an edit: I wrote this last night, and then fell asleep face down, spread eagle, while editing it. so. it’s late. which is funny because it’s a post about that very thing. hehe.)

Here’s your Sunday Update, my sweet. I got too silly last night to get much of anything done today. I spent today dropping the proverbial ball.

There would be days, they say.

So I’d like to tell you about choking in an audition. I’d like to tell you about my after school programs final performance. I’d like to tell you about having breakfast with four of the most incredible women I know, the women from the sexual assault survivors group that saved my life.

And I will, damnit! But not tonight. Tonight, I’m beat. Bushed. Pooped. Done.

All my own fault! I take full responsibility! No one mans this blog but little old sleepy imp-faced me!

I want to tell you well. Accurately. Clearly. With the right amount of yucks and honesty.

So I don’t want to half ass it, y’all. No half assing because of an arbitrary deadline I set on myself

Imma work on it. I’m going to tell you all the good, even the good arising from the embarrassing or potentially not so good.

For now, a quick update.

This week in History, from my corner of the world:

Monday: I worked my second shift at my new job. Cute shop girl can be added to the list of survival jobs I’ve now had.

Tuesday: I worked at said cute shop, and went to late lunch with two girls from my old job. They caught me up on all the good gossip (and y’all, let me be the first to say it was indeed salacious). And they talked their lives–mormal, beautiful, ostensibly tedious day to day stuff. The signs of life, so to speak.

Wednesday: I caught up with friends and took time for myself. To fret over auditions. I fretted more than I ought to have. That time would’ve been better spent working. Don’t toil, ya idiot.

Thursday: I worked and then bartended at the Know. I also took a shower, I’m noting now in my planner. Why did I write that down?

Friday: I had that aforementioned breakfast. And my kids successfully performed their end of the semester play. I also walked to Skyline in a monsoon with the cutest guy I know. I would say smartest, but a smarter man would’ve told me not to go out in the rain.

Saturday: I attended three auditions. I ran. I bought a Mexican blanket and a new face mask mix. I got stupid at the bar later. Nothing untoward.

Sunday: now we’re here.

If you read this far, you’re probably wondering how I had to energy to write all that but not the actual update. Me too, man. Me too. (Walt Whitman here: “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.”)

I love you. I miss you. I hope to see you soon.



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